A sampling of 2020 walks


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4 responses to “A sampling of 2020 walks

  1. Barry

    Jack something wrong with that post – only half of it showing

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  2. Barry

    Sorry I misunderstood – I was looking for one of your stories- these are just bunch of pictures, some of them are real nice. Thanks for sharing – glad your at peace and happy! Just had to figure out how to get there!

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    • First attempt at a WP storyline. Had just phone pictures. Can only use the phone to create. PC access to making stories is a WIP apparently.

      Not great, but an experiment that might be fun. Could use your photo skills.

      Longer blog post later today.

      Thanks for the heads up. Had a good video of some surfers down Surfer end of Second Beach, but it hung up the slideshow. I deleted it, and this ran better.

      Lots of photos on the cutting room floor.


  3. Rita

    I feel so blessed to have so many beautiful places to escape to so close to where we live. I used to dream about living on Aquidneck Island. Now we are living that dream. Thank you God…


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