The Fourth Greatest President in American History (Part 2)

President Obama’s claim that the achievements of his first term ranked his presidency as the fourth greatest in American history initiated these posts.  This edition will focus on the administration’s tendency toward fiat, executive orders and ignoring the more inconvenient aspects of the constitution.

President Obama has written and spoken about flaws in the constitution.  He also has publically promised that his main goal is to “fundamentally transform” America.  Even more recently, he pledged to accelerate his agenda by executive orders and rules whether or not Congress was prepared to follow.  If the legislative branch chooses to deliberate, vote, advise and consent on his plans, as is their constitutional responsibility, he will do what he wants to do and let God sort it out.   Here are a few instances where he already has demonstrated his predilection.  There are many more across all executive departments.

  • After the infamous Section 1233 mandating “end of life” counseling was voted out of the final Obamacare bill, it was reinstated by stealth regulation in November 2010 tucked amongst hundreds of new Medicare rules.  Friday night ‘document drops’ of hundreds of regulations and disclosures camouflaged on the slowest day of the news cycle has been an administration mainstay.
  • The Interior Department in Secretarial Order 3310 gave itself the authority to designate public lands as “Wild Lands” taking them off limits to such things as domestic oil exploration. Previously, such designations had been the exclusive prerogative of Congress.
  •  Before the outcry shut it down, after the “cap and trade” bill was defeated in Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency drew up regulations enacting the same anti-carbon measures rejected by the legislature.
  • While many presidents have employed recess appointments, President Obama has made it an art form. When the Senate could not see its way to approving Craig Becker, an AFL-CIO and SEIU lawyer, to the National Labor Relations Board, he was made a recess appointee. After all, the unions had contributed over $400 million almost entirely to Democrat candidates in the previous election, and where was the quid for the quo?  Although after the appointment ran out, Becker was rejected by the Senate and left the board, during his tenure the NLRB prevented Boeing from building a new factory in South Carolina, a right to work state.  The president made other recess appointments when the Senate was actually in session, which was remarkably unconstitutional.  He ignored the protests, challenging the Senate to a constitutional crisis, which Harry Reid declined to pursue.
  • Recently, we’ve seen an Amish farmer put out of business selling raw milk to neighbors, which his family had done for generations.  We once bought such milk from a local farmer in Maine, and it was healthy and the best milk we ever had.
  • Last week we read about a four year old in North Carolina, whose mother made her a turkey and cheese sandwich with a banana and apple juice lunch.  Citing a regulation put in place under the umbrella of Obamacare, the school confiscated the child’s lunch as not meeting their guidelines and gave the girl the prescribed chicken nuggets, then charged the mother for it.  This was put in place as part of an executive order from the president to retrain American citizens by ‘behavior modification.’  Nanny state, indeed.

A recent furor boiled up over Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius enforcing regulations mandating that Obamacare health insurance coverage for all employees of private companies include abortifacient drugs.  There was no provision for conscience exemptions.  When the Catholic Conference of Bishops objected to this unprecedented crushing of First Amendment protections for churches, the president offered a ‘compromise’ wherein he simply ruled by fiat that, should church organizations demur, their insurance companies must offer at their own expense free coverage for these services.  This transparent ruse has become typical of the administration.  If an awkward constitutional issue blocks their way, declare it a non issue and override the niceties.

The United States Preventative Services Task Force, under Obamacare, makes all decisions on coverage such as the contraception decision.  Empowered to evaluate all preventative health services and decide which will be covered by insurance, the task force rates services “A” through “D” or “I” for “Insufficient Evidence”.  Under Obamacare, services rated “A” or “B” such as colon cancer screening for adults between 50 and 75 must be covered in full without co-pays.  Services rated “C” or “D” such as screening for ovarian or testicular cancer could end up not covered at all.  We first became aware of the task force’s new powers buried within the 2,500 pages of the bill, when it recommended that women ages 40-49 shouldn’t get routine mammograms, men shouldn’t get routine screening for prostate cancer, nor should women be screened for the viruses that cause cervical cancer.    It is one of the few Federal agencies with no review or appeal process defined; they have no requirement for public deliberations and are the only Federal health agency mandated to take cost into account when evaluating medical decisions.  What further restriction, mandate and cost cutting awaits an aging nation remains to be seen. It’s a Brave New World.

Embedded in the thousands of pages of the Obamacare, stimulus and financial reform bills is the power to issue regulations and executive orders to interpret and implement them.  This administration has embraced this control with great enthusiasm in order to “fundamentally transform” America and modify the behavior of Americans.  Without even the modest restraint of a reelection, what will a second term bring?  If this fails to give you pause, you aren’t paying attention.

Psalm 118:  It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.


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3 responses to “The Fourth Greatest President in American History (Part 2)

  1. Rita

    I remember the day after Obama’s election when he told us that we were about to see the “fundamental change” of America. The crowds cheered. I felt a chill.

    Change is part of life, but why would anyone want to “fundamentally” change who and what America is and has been for the past 250 years? We are the culmination of all the best Western civilization has to offer. Are we perfect? I think only God is perfect. But what other country has given so many opportunities to so many different people who often began with nothing?

    Just because the president is supposed to be a Constitutional scholar, doesn’t mean he likes what he has become intimately knowledgeable about. I recently heard him say (I’m paraphrasing) he felt the US Constitution just got in the way of the many things he would like to accomplish. Ah, yes that pesky Constitution with all its checks and balances is just an obstacle to the many wonderful ideas and plans this President and his administration would like to implement, because of course they know best what is good for the rest of us and to hell with what our elected officials in Congress may think about them.

    Below is a link to the National Right to Life website that discusses what we can expect if indeed the Health Care Mandate is implemented. We have an aging population. What to do?? Just set up boards who decide what kind of care we will allow people to have or not have and we can solve that problem.

    We’ve lost over 53 million American’s to abortion over the past forty years and who knows how many millions more were contracepted. The unbalanced demographics resulting in an aging population have been self inflicted. No wonder we have a problem with Social Security. Maybe there won’t be outright euthanasia, though I believe that is happening now and will continue under the radar, but there will be rationed care and the inability of folks to even spend their own money to save their lives. Life and death decisions will not be left up to the discretion of family members and their doctors, it will be decided by government panels…ah yes, those pesky “death panels”.

    If you want to continue this “fundamental change” of America, just vote for Obama again in 2012. With that kind of a mandate from the people, we will soon find the America we grew up in unrecognizable.


  2. Greg

    Ok you guys, I don’t get it . What’s the message you two are conveying…….you don’t like Obama?
    Seriously it is clear he has little to no regard for constitutional process, he apparently feels he is empowered to be the “Prince” that will show us all the way. In my 58 years on this planet I like to think I am open minded, I have voted Democrat (McGovern was my 1st presidential vote) and Republican ( I would vote for Regan again even in his present state), I believe Barrack represents the strongest threat to American civil liberties since the 60’s.

    Ironic huh? The worm has turned baby folks.


  3. Greg

    Ok that supposed to say :the worm has turned baby, I was going to say folks but baby sounded better.

    Anyway…..Go Rick! Go Mitt! Go Ron! can’t say Go Newt…not there yet.

    Almost anyone but the BHO


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