Quo Vadis? Whither thou goest?

Dancing together once again

I write this to help me clarify my own thoughts and to encourage (I hope) contributions to the “Great Discussion” in which we all need to engage. I especially enjoy the juxtaposition and relationships of seemingly disparate topics.

A husband for fifty four years, a father of four and grandfather of six granddaughters and one vastly outnumbered grandson. Each one of us has a unique window through which we perceive, understand and share the events and people in our lives. Please share your view through the glass.


4 responses to “About

  1. Liesse

    Jack! Your blog is SOOOO refreshing! I never knew you had such a beautiful talent! Thank you so much for sharing this! Liesse


  2. Jackie, please call your Aunt Mary, she wants to know when new stories are coming out. Her friend Jeanne


  3. Jack,
    You could easily write essays and have them published. The Christian Writer’s Market Guide has lots of periodicals that publish essays.
    Best Wishes.


  4. Meg Yates

    Lil’ Rhody parts 1 & 2 were informative and well written. I will be looking for more of your commentary on life and events.


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