Planned Desolation

“Now there’s a wall between us, somthin’ there’s been lost. I took too much for granted, got my signals crossed.” Shelter from the Storm from the Blood on the Tracks album, Bob Dylan

Josef Mengele, the banality of evil

Josef Mengele, the banality of evil

Documentation for the various studies was meticulous; the results held great potential to help people at risk. How long can a person survive hypothermia in a cold, cold sea? Can we develop new treatments for infection to aid the wounded by testing the new drugs on human subjects? What is the most cost effective method of high volume sterilization to reduce the propagation of lesser races? The good doctors’ tests were conducted in secure facilities with good logistics for rail service. At least for a while until Allied bombing destroyed the trains.

Especially desirable for the testing were young twins: compare the effects of deadly disease when the uninfected control in the experiment possesses the exact same DNA as the tested subject. Once the infected twin died, the doctors would kill them both because the comparative autopsies advanced the research.

“Because they ripped open expectant mothers in Gilead, while extending their territory, I will kindle a fire upon the wall of Rabbah, and it will devour her castles.” Amos 1: 13-14

The benefits of medical research were given this month as justification for collecting human specimens with bonuses paid for highly desirable organs.

The Center for Medical Progress secretly videotaped officials from Planned Parenthood over the last three years, and if you have not viewed them and have a strong stomach, they expose in gruesome detail the practices of America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood[i]. These are not sociopathic outliers like Kenneth Gosnell, but directors of large districts like the Southern Pacific Region and Texas, as well as Senior Director of Medical Services, Deborah Nucatola, MD.

The undercover team, posing as parts buyers for medical research parts procurers, negotiated for specific fetal organs with bonuses for certain DNA or blood types. Parts included pancreases, lungs, livers, hearts, and eyeballs. Late term abortions were especially desirable. A la carte price schedule. To skirt the law, wholesale firms are on site which take possession of the organs and pay a fee for each. They in turn profit by selling them to research firms. The fees vary according to the rarity of the baby parts, blood and tissue types.

Abortion procedures are sometimes altered and discussed with the middleman, especially for larger fetuses. These procedures add risk of injury to the mothers, but are necessary to harvest intact cadavers. They are actually called cadavers by a Planned Parenthood negotiator; interesting term cadaver – not fetal tissue or protoplasm or medical waste, but a term normally reserved for a dead human being, which, of course, they are. Mothers who are pain tolerant and can endure wider dilation are valued for their ability to birth live, intact babies to provide the most lucrative organs. In many cases, mothers are not informed as to the disposition of their baby’s corpses even though Planned Parenthood tells the public they are.

Late term abortions in some states are illegal. Selling body parts and so called partial birth abortions are illegal in all jurisdictions, but produce the healthiest, most complete harvestable parts. Working around these restrictions is carefully done, but with these damning videos, not carefully enough. Some states have initiated investigations and shut down funding for Planned Parenthood, but not all. The U.S. Senate blocked an attempt to pull federal funding entirely, but this battle is far from over.

When we wrote our local officials asking for an investigation, some stonewalled and others answered back, parroting Planned Parenthood talking points: they make no profit by these practices; fetal research benefits medical science; if funding was pulled, access to women’s health care would be damaged beyond repair; the videos were edited. Policy setters (including President Obama) refuse to watch them; truth, apparently cuts too close to the bone. PP spends millions over the years on lobbying and political donations. Please watch these videos and make your own judgment as to whether statements by senior Planned Parenthood officials could be in any way mitigated by context, and the full videos are made available start to finish. Six of twelve have been released by the Center for Medical Progress. Link to videos.

“Is it not your duty to know what is right, you who hate what is good, and love evil? You who tear their skin from them, and their flesh from the bones!.. They chop them in pieces like flesh in a kettle, and like meat in a cauldron.” Micah 3: 1-3

Cecile Richards at Democrat National Convention 2012

Cecile Richards at Democrat National Convention 2012

Numbers can be revealing, here are a few to gain a sense of the real facts behind the health care scare scam proffered by the Planned Parenthood apologists.

  • Planned Parenthood claims that abortion constitutes only 3% of their services (327,000 out of ten million), but it is necessary to look under the hood. Their method of counting services is weighted. If they see a patient for a PAP smear, a pregnancy check and write a prescription of twelve months of birth control pills, it is counted as 14 services (one each for every month of the prescription). If the count is kept only for pregnant women who come in, 93% of them walk out without their baby still on board. A minor percentage gets other help or adoption services, if they push for it. Abortions are a third of their revenue, and another third comes from public funding. The abortions provide another source of revenue: baby parts for sale.
  • The sale of fetal body parts is not a new practice for Planned Parenthood. The ABC news magazine 20/20 exposed the practice over fifteen years ago, when Chris Wallace ran the story. However, like the current videos, the major news organizations, with the exception of Fox, are spending very little time on this story. It is suppressed by the parent organizations which have alliances with and ideological sympathy for Planned Parenthood and abortion.[ii]
  • While its defenders try to convince us that no public funds pay for abortions directly, taxpayer funds pay the bills, help keep the lights on and help pay the inflated salaries of the administrators, many of whom are non-medical people. One hundred and thirty seven of them make over a hundred thousand dollars a year. Its CEO, the now beleaguered Cecile Richards, made $523,616 in 2013. She looks good in sound bites though; non-profit work for PP pays well.
  • The claims that women’s health care would be negatively affected if public funds are withdrawn from PP are grossly misleading. There are approximately 700 Planned Parenthood clinics (abortion assembly lines) in the U.S, while 9,000 community health care centers provide women’s health care. Planned Parenthood serves 2.7 million patients a year; community health care centers over 21 million.
  • Planned Parenthood warns that breasts would be at risk without their clinics. However, they do only referrals for mammograms and zero actual mammograms a year. Community health care centers do 424,000. Planned Parenthood performs 378,000 PAP smear tests; community health centers 1,758,000. Women’s health care services would be far better served with increased taxpayer funding for community health care centers.

St. Thomas Aquinas wrote in his Summa Theologica, “Properly speaking conscience is not a power, but an act.” When evil is perceived, we are required to respond. We can do that politically. We can show up at our local PP clinic on August 22nd at 9 AM. At the least be prepared by being informed about the facts when the discussion comes up.

One of the videos shows the grotesque picking over of baby parts in a tray looking for prized tissues. The pictures are your worst nightmare of tiny hearts, crushed heads and little hands. The searchers were excited because the tray holds dismembered twins, which like the German World War II researchers in the death camps, were found to be of particular value.

“The most deadly poison of our time is indifference.” St. Maximillian Kolbe [iii]


[i] See previous post about the genesis of Planned Parenthood. Maggie Part 2.

[ii] See Crisis Magazine article on this. “Why News Organizations Protect Planned Parenthood.”

[iii][iii] Father Kolbe died in Auschwitz after volunteering to take the place of another prisoner, who was a Jewish father with a family.


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9 responses to “Planned Desolation

  1. Rita

    “The most deadly poison of our time is indifference.” St. Maximillian Kolbe Yes, we may initially be horrified, but soon it seems to fad into indifference. Life goes on… We are all guilty of this mind set at times. That’s why Hillary can continue to smile and wave as her ’email scandal’ marches before us on SOME nightly news broadcasts. So what if she’s lying. So what… Without God anything goes. Let’s pray that American has some shred of moral compass left to save us from the ‘wrath’ of our own making. We’ve murdered over 50 million pre-born babies in the past 42 years! There are consequences to sin. It’s called ‘natural law’.


  2. Anthony Vinson

    This isn’t really about federal funding. It is about control…

    Week before last a good friend opined that all men should be legally enjoined to make deposits at local sperm banks and then undergo mandatory vasectomies. She reasoned that since men are apparently incapable of controlling their sex drives that it would be a surefire method of reducing the number of unwanted or unintended pregnancies. She continued: This would also have the effect of allowing men to fully understand the implications of governmental restrictions on decisions regarding their bodies. She was only semiserious, but it’s that semi part that concerns me.

    Another friend at the table (a staunch feminist activist) insisted that attempts to curtail or eliminate access to abortion were racially motivated since the vast majority of women seeking them were black or Hispanic. Curbing access to medically safe abortions, she insisted, was tantamount to genocide. She was very serious and that concerns me.

    Most of us involved in the conversation found these radical opinions ridiculous and even somewhat frightening. We also find the anti-choice options equally so.

    What about a simpler, proven, and easily achievable approach? That’d be comprehensive sex education including contraceptive options? Sex is natural and should be discussed openly and without embarrassment. This should include candid conversations about the emotional aspects and implications of sex. Contraceptives should be demystified and their use encouraged. Let’s not kid ourselves, abstinence is not the answer. At least not for everyone. We are animals and the call of the wild thing will eventually be heeded. The facts about sex should be taught both at home by parents and in schools by trained professionals. Studies have shown that access to education and contraception result in a significant reduction in teen pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, and STDs. Would this completely solve the problem? No, but it would address it in a manner both positive and practical.

    (Aside: Coincidentally John Oliver offered a brilliant analysis of the sex-ed issue a week or two back. Yes, it is presented through comedic channels, but oftentimes that’s the most effective way. Here’s a link if you’re interested. Oh, adult themes and language are present, but it’s worth the time to watch!)

    One could argue – and I will – that Planned Parenthood and similar organizations have prevented far more abortions than they have administered. Of course that would be because of the aforementioned contraception and sex education, two topics that appear paradoxically antithetical to those who oppose a woman’s choice to make decisions regarding her body. Sigh.



  3. Rita

    We already have ‘comprehensive sex’ education in schools Anthony. Kid’s are put on contraceptives by their parents at age 11. You want the schools to put them on it??? Come on… About the reduction of STD’s with increased sex ed, please…….. Before contraception and abortion we used to have 2 STDs that were totally controlled by antibiotics. Now we have over 50, some of them deadly. There is not such thing as ‘safe sex’ as you can see by the schools mandating HPV vaccines for 7 year olds and younger. Once you put young people on contraception, they feel like you are saying…go out and have sex now. The HPV vaccines say the same thing. My hands are shaking…. This will take me awhile and I have to calm down first.

    And yes Anthony….this is about control! Just as we try to control the murder of anyone other than preborn babies by putting people in jail who commit them. We have all kinds of laws Anthony. Laws that encourage you to not steal unless you want to go to prison…on and on. This is a way to ‘control’ thieves and murderers. We think killing pre-born babies is murder, so yes we would like to see PP obliterated. Just like we obliterated the Nazis in WWII to prevent them from increasing their tendency to murder millions of people. If you were to see abortion as murder we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Liberals are also control freaks. I know you will admonish me for referring to Nazis. That’s what’s called the PC police. The left would love to stifle my free speech. Especially about abortion. That’s why you don’t hear about this on many of the major news outlets!

    BTW….what ever happened to self-control??? Yes, we are animals, but we are not controlled by our emotions UNLESS we decide to give in to those emotions. Sometimes I feel murderous towards some people, but I don’t act on my feelings. Sex is no different. There are many other issues I need to address regarding this, especially your thinking on that fact that we are the ones who want to see genocide of blacks and Hispanics. Just reread jack’s blog about Margaret Sanger.

    Do you have any kids Anthony?

    Peace of Christ,


    • Anthony Vinson


      Based on both your general tone and your comment about shaking hands I am reluctant to respond to your post or answer your questions. The last thing I want is to cause you pain, psychic or otherwise. This is Jack’s blog and I am here at his invitation. That being the case, and out of respect for both you and Jack, I will refrain from any additional posts on this topic – not just this blog post, but this topic as it does come up from time to time – until and unless I hear from both of you that it is permissible.

      Without wax,



      • A few points, Anthony.
        Your comments were remarkably similar to those I received from our two U.S. Senators from RI. I was disappointed in the departure from your usual insights. Both pushed out rote talking points supporting Planned Parenthood’s contributions to health care and completely ignoring the revelations of the videos regarding Planned Parenthood’s apparent lawlessness regarding selling fetal body parts and altering abortion procedures at risk to mother’s health to secure better specimens. Did you watch the videos? Was it possible to see senior officials in PP casually negotiating prices while sipping wine and crunching appetizers and not feel outrage irrespective of your views on abortion?
        Secondly, Rita’s experience in these matters and her commitment to the issues is rooted in a lifetime of obstetrical nursing, dealing first hand with the tragic aftermath of abortion and the detritus of the “safe sex” tidal wave in the lives of women as director of a crisis pregnancy center and then a statewide pro-life advocacy group. She observed first hand during the post Roe years the slow developing callousness of doctors who performed abortions towards mothers and babies, a callousness made necessary to cauterize their consciences, up to the off handed “disposal” of a live born premature baby into a stainless steel medical waste bucket by one of them. Finally she birthed a premature child of her own at just over two pounds – a baby size routinely aborted and now revealed to be cut up and sold for parts. So her perspective is better informed and more immediate than mine or presumably yours.
        As to sex education being the solution; it is ubiquitous now and has been for at least twenty years in public schools. Rather than help it has exacerbated the problem by training children as young as 9 or 10 that they cannot be expected to be responsible for their appetites, but only deal with them prophylactically to protect themselves as best as possible from disease and untoward complications like babies. But not to worry, if you find yourself pregnant, there is an easy solution. They are told in subtle and not so subtle ways that it is perfectly OK to become sexually active young and if they are not, there may be something amiss with their development. Hence fifty STDs in frighteningly high percentages have developed, some of which can absolutely not be protected against by condoms. It is irresponsible of adults to tell their children that safe sex is safe.
        I’m always curious when abortion defenders tell me that society needs to work all angles to limit the number of abortions by birth control, sex ed, etc. Why? If abortion is a moral good, why “safe, available and rare”? If it is not, why fight to protect it at all, but expend every effort of will and intellect to banish the murder of innocents from our society? Just the term “anti-choice” gives the game away. (As does “pro-life” of course). I think abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy is a pox that has greatly demeaned our culture and helped inculcate a utilitarian ethos pervading our lives and culture on many levels. That does not make me anti-choice. Au contraire. I am extremely pro-choice. I firmly believe in the rights of women and men concerning control over their own bodies and health. I likewise firmly believe in the personal responsibility inherent in those choices and that accountable choices need to be made well before there is an innocent, voiceless, small human third party affected by them.


      • Rita

        Sorry Anthony. Please jump right in anytime on any topic. I was having a rough day yesterday before I read your response. As you can see, I’m not like Jack. He’s much more reasoned and much less emotional. No need to apologize for pain, psychic or otherwise… I should have waited until today to respond. It’s very deep for me. I will respond more reasonably to some of your points later as I have to leave soon for an event in Providence today. Please accept my apologies and further explanations of your particular points would be totally acceptable as I need to respond to them with more care.

        Peace in Christ,


  4. Rita

    BTW…the vast majority of abortion clinics are in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Who is committing genocide here? Sigh indeed.


    • Rita

      Black Genocide – June 2003

      The genocide threat to African-Americans continues to be one of the most significant problems facing Black Americans. Tragically, black women have an abortion rate three times higher than white women and many abortion clinics are located in predominately black areas. Since 1973, over 14 million black babies have been aborted, which is equal to the combined populations of eight mid-western states. (See shaded states in map below.)

      The number of abortions in the African-American Community is even more frightening when it is compared to the total number of deaths from all other causes combined. Since 1973, about 8 million African-Americans have died from heart disease, diabetes, auto accidents, cancer, aids, etc.

      Black Americans for Life (BAL) is working with other pro-life African-American groups and individuals to help provide special educational material to help Black Americans recognize the threat of black genocide posed by abortion.

      Special Stop Black Genocide flyers and bumper stickers will be available through the Outreach Department of National Right to Life. For further information contact:

      Black Americans for Life

      512 Tenth Street N.W., Washington, DC 20004

      (202) 626-8811

      National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life

      440 W. 36th Street

      New York, NY 10018

      (212) 868-1847

      Also see: – (866) 242-4997

      This is not an issue of access. They have plenty of access. Remember, Margaret Sanger visited Germany in the thirties before the war started and was fascinated with the eugenic policies of the Germans to rid itself of unwanted populations like the mentally ill, deformed, Jews, Catholics, etc. She pushed birth control for immigrants, the ‘mentally retarded’ and blacks. There is a picture of her attending a women’s group of White Supremacists in Jack’s blog on Maggie.



  5. Anthony Vinson

    Rita, thanks for the apology. It is gratefully accepted. My primary concern was that I had unduly upset you.

    Abortion is one of the seven deadly topics in this country, the other six being sex, religion, politics, morality, nationalism, and atheism. And by deadly I mean just that. The death tolls stemming from disagreements over these issues are staggering. Maybe I should have been more cautious when responding to Jack’s request for feedback. Perhaps you were really seeking confirmation and support?

    Recap: In my initial response I listed two extreme opinions on the topic. This was not some literary device; these were the actual opinions of two friends as related during a get-together last month. My purpose was to illustrate the wide differences of opinion and belief inherent in the topic under discussion. I neither agree with nor support either opinion and said so in my reply. (I stress this since it appears that Rita took the opinions as my own.) I then stated my belief that comprehensive sex education, both in schools and at home, would make a difference. (What we have now is neither comprehensive nor, in many states, educational.) Never did I even imply that it was a panacea, only a part of a much larger solution. I stand by that assertion. Allow me to support it by way of a personal narrative. Along the way I will answer some, but not all, of your questions.

    When I was ten my mother became pregnant. Surprise! She sat me and my sister down with an illustrated medical encyclopedia and patiently explained the process of procreation to us. She was matter-of-fact and honestly answered our questions as best she could. That incident turned out to be a defining moment.

    As a concerned and caring father I vowed from the beginning to be as open and honest with my children as possible. When they asked questions to which I had no answer, I insisted that we find out together. We consulted maps and almanacs and dictionaries and encyclopedias. As they grew older and the questions became more difficult and even uncomfortable, the foundation of openness and honesty became all the more important. When they grew curious about religion I encouraged them to explore. When they grew curious about sex, I did not. Instead I encouraged them to learn.

    When my daughter was 13 and my son 15 I became a single father. Leading a curious, hormonally-driven adolescent girl through her teenage years was a challenge. But we both made it, even though there were times I wasn’t too sure about her chances. When, at 14, a neighbor boy coerced her into playing doctor and they were caught by his mother, she came home and told me before the boy’s mother had the chance. I didn’t freak. She was frightened and confused enough as it was. We talked. I listened. I taught. And son of a gun, she learned.

    I do not consider myself a particularly remarkable father. I tried. I did my best most of the time. That’s all. They are both now in their 30s and still seek my opinion and advice. Guess I got something right… And yet I find that so many parents do not take the time to talk with their kids or open those channels of communication. Guess I was raised right. Thanks, Ma!

    So, because this worked for me, and I am nothing special, I know that education and communication can be effective methods of demystification. The parents you mention who put their children on contraceptives at age 11 are irresponsible in my opinion, and contributing to the problem. I waited until my daughter was 12. Kidding! She was 17 and made the decision herself so that when she was ready, she’d be ready.

    Checklist: self control, personal responsibility, human rights, individual freedom, and a moral imperative. We agree on so many things. Amazing, right? Though I disagree, I nonetheless respect your opinions and beliefs and applaud your courage to stand for them despite the odds or the opposition. Fight the good fight.

    As to Margret Sanger: So if a person who starts an organization is corrupt or criminal we should automatically demonize the organization itself long after that person’s death? Guess we’d better warn the Mormon Church!



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