Pharming for Profit Part Three

“First you make people believe they have a problem, and then you sell them the solution. That’s how advertising works. Every snake oil salesman knows that.” Oliver Markus Malloy, Bad Choices Make Good Stories – Finding Happiness in Los Angeles[i]

In 1951 Margaret Sanger had a dream and met her willing partner Dr. Gregory Pincus. They solicited funding from some of the biggest foundations in the world by riding the perfect wave driven by three powerful winds: the large group of  post WWII women in the workforce who wanted to pursue careers, the feverish concern of an  influential lobby about population growth and eugenics [ii](to rid the world of less than perfect people and undesirable breeders – minorities and the disabled). The Rockefellers, Ford Foundation, Shell Oil and others signed on; Sanger and Pincus had the money to build their wagon.

Fortunately for the entrepreneurial Pincus, the Federal Drug Administration of the late fifties was an underfunded paper tiger.[iii] When Pincus had his prototype, they needed some testing. One of their enabling funders, Katharine McCormick, International Harvester heiress, wrote to Sanger at the time that they needed a “cage of ovulating females to experiment with.” Sanger wrote back that they had their cage amongst the poorest of the poor in Puerto Rico: uninformed and exploited guinea pigs for a dangerous drug. They tested their new wonder drug on 132 unsuspecting women in Puerto Rico in 1956 who were not told they were part of a test, just that this magic would help them to not have children.  Five of these women died and were buried hastily without an autopsy. As a result of their very limited testing they got their miracle pill Enovid a quick approval just before the thalidomide controversy erupted. A drug that has grown to millions of users and billions in sales that is taken by some daily for decades and may take 8 to 12 years for side effects to show up was tested for twelve months on 132 subjects with negative results ignored or minimized to the regulators. With millions of users currently taking the Pill, more than 132 die each year from blood clot induced stroke and heart attacks

By the time the many years of the Nelson hearings in the Senate started in 1967 that exposed the dangers of the Pill, the suppression of evidence, smearing attacks on those presenting it and a tsunami of cultural influences from the so called Sexual Revolution made arresting the growth of its use impossible. But wait, of course, the modern pill has a lower content of the synthetic estrogen that affects almost every biological system in the human body, right? True enough, and Bayer the manufacturer of the most widely used versions of the Pill, Yaz and Yazmin, has settled over 18,000 lawsuits for over $2 billion for blood clotting incidents for Yaz, some of them fatal.[iv]

“This is the first time in medicine’s history the drug industry has placed at our disposal a powerful, disease-producing chemical for use in the healthy rather than the sick.” Dr. Herbert Ratner, Senate “Nelson Pill Hearings,” 1970

Big Pharma’s spin machine has never been more effective than in covering their trail (and posterior anatomy) concerning the dangers of the Pill. Their political and media allies, the deep pockets of Planned Parenthood and their bedfellows in the medical profession (who have a vested interest in their own backsides) all work in harmony to keep this under many wraps.  This is far too limited a venue for any comprehensive expose of the proven health risks, so I recommend if you have interest (are a women or love a woman who may be taking this stuff) that you read investigative reporter Mike Gaskins’ excellent book published last year, “In The Name of The Pill.”[v] If you have interest in the cultural impact of the Pill, a brilliant resource was written by Mary Eberstadt[vi], “Adam and Eve after the Pill.”

Since estrogen is a powerful hormone that affects virtually very function and system in the body, it is not a surprise that a wide variety of potential side effects exist. Many of them are debilitating or life threatening.  A brief bullet point list may give you pause based on many studies published in Journal of the American Medical Association, Lancet and other prestigious medical publications:

  • Estrogen based oral contraceptives are listed as a Group 1 (definite) carcinogen by the World Health Organization.[vii] Especially breast cancer.
  • Known in many studies to:[viii]
    • Increase the risk of thrombosis (blood clots that cause strokes, heart attacks and death).
    • Higher risk of diabetes and arterial sclerosis.
    • Higher risk of lupus and other autoimmune diseases.
    • Increased migraines.
    • Increased risk of genetic damage.
    • Risk of permanent infertility. The lining of the uterus ages at almost twice the rate of non-pill users and changes occur in the cervix as well. Not to count the sterilizing effects of STD’s, which unsurprisingly have exploded since the advent of the Pill.
    • Increased risk of multiple sclerosis.
    • Increased risk of Crohn’s disease.
    • Higher incidence of depression along with a decrease in libido and a higher suicide rate.

This toxicity is handed out to single women, teenagers, married women and anybody who walks through the door to maintain career paths, limit or prevent childbearing and even to treat premenstrual cramping and acne. The Pill is prescribed to kids with or without notice to or the agreement of parents because as a sacrament of progressive ideology, they can be prescribed without telling or even over the objection of parents. Some parents, of course, fear an unplanned pregnancy that could short circuit their aspiring scholar’s career path and seek these chemicals for their children. How many are aware of the risks?  However, a teenager can get this stuff almost as readily as they get a package of Skittles at the pharmacy.

Possibly the best is yet to come and has already shown its effects on the water supply. Millions of women taking the Pill urinate into wastewater, and the minuteness of the passed through unmetabolized estrogen molecules bypasses filters in older treatment plants and gets into the aquifer, streams and rivers. Fish fertility[ix] and human male sperm count has been drastically altered as a result of higher levels of synthetic estrogen in our water. One study showed human male sperm count has dropped by half since 1973 and the wide use of the pill. Synthetic estrogen as found in the pill has been shown to make profound biological changes at levels 50 to 100 times less than natural estrogen. These are extraordinarily powerful chemicals.

Please before I get angry emails and comments, I invite you to do your own research, get the documents from the Nelson hearings, or read some books on the subject. The perfect multiple partnership of the profits of drug companies, the medical professionals who receive perks from big pharma and keep their patients contented with magic pills, the ideology of woman’s rights and even the environmental advocates of population control all conspire against the real health of women. And men.

“You cannot long knock any natural system out of balance without doing some harm – whether it shows up immediately or years later. Furthermore, many of these pill-caused metabolic disturbances are progressive. The longer a woman stays on the pill, the more her laboratory tests are altered.” From Barbara Seamans – Nelson hearings.

[i] Picture is from the Cincinnati Opera’s production of Donizetti’s “L’elisir d’amore,” (Potion of love) Wild West interpretation.

[ii] Read older posts from this blog, Maggie 1 and Maggie 2 about Margaret Sanger. Or read Angela Frank’s terrific biography of the “hero of Planned Parenthood”: Margaret Sanger’s Eugenic Legacy

[iii] This changed in the early sixties when the thalidomide disaster that swept Europe and to a much lesser degree in the United States precipitated a vastly more robust agency. Only the heroics of Dr. Frances Kelsey at the old FDA prevented the American approval of the morning sickness prevention drug that caused thousands of birth defects and babies without arms and legs. She was slandered repeatedly by the drug industry and their political allies for refusing to sign off on thalidomide.

[iv] See:

[v] In The Name of The Pill, 2019, Mike Gaskins

[vi] Adam and Eve After the Pill: Paradoxes of the Sexual Revolution, Mary Eberstadt, Ignatius Press, 2012


[viii] Aware of Mark Twain’s precautionary remark that “there are lies, damn lies and statistics,” I’ll point out the typical defense of the spin masters. While those with concerns will state accurately that the risk for clot induced stroke and heart attack is doubled in women taking the Pill, defenders will state that double the risk really means increasing the incidence from 1 in 10,000 to 2-4 per 10,000, which is also true. How do we interpret such radically opposed presentation of the same facts? How about this? With thirteen million Pill users just in the U.S. that tiny increase in risk translates to an additional 3,900 women a year stricken. 3,900 mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters and sisters. Acceptable risk? Sure, no medication is without risk they’ll tell us. Unless, perhaps, you know and love one of them.

[ix] One USGS survey in the Shenandoah found 20% of male fish growing eggs in their testes and much evidence with the feminization of the male and a radical male and female imbalance, threatening to wipe out whole species in some local environs.


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4 responses to “Pharming for Profit Part Three

  1. Another excellent article Jack! So glad you wrote it!!!!


  2. Anthony Vinson

    Why pick on The Pill? I mean, you are welcome to bear your preferred standard, but the rabbit hole goes far, far deeper, doesn’t it?

    The willful manipulation of the human mind has, no doubt, been practiced from the earliest days of our species. Since the 1930s it has been exponentially amplified through the mediums of first radio, then television, and now the internet and interconnectivity.

    Consider the $53B supplements industry. With no regulation to speak of, and millions of gullible minds softened by decades of careful conditioning, they have done for bullshit what Carter’s once did for little pills.

    Consider the rise of mini-warehouses beginning in the late 90s and continuing through today. People ran out of room to store their mindless consumer purchases and needed a place to store them so they could make room for more.

    Consider money in politics, which began to explode in the late 70s. Corporate lobbies dictates not only what we think, but how we live our lives. They direct us to spend, buy, amass, and consume, and we have little choice but to comply.

    No, the hole is deep, and our minds are shallow. Evolutionary biases and quirks of our brains leave us almost defenseless. Almost, but not completely. The only defense is to fight through critical thinking and deductive reasoning. Learning to spot logical fallacies and understanding their function.

    I began training myself to think like a philosopher in my early 20s, and almost 40 years later it is still a daily struggle. But a struggle I will maintain for as long as I am able. Even so, I fall prey to my cognitive biases and the chemical concoctions involuntarily released by my brain. After all, if you tempt me, do I not buy? If you entice me, am I not intrigued?

    So, sure, I get your thesis, and I understand your alarm. But from my perspective, The Pill is only a single example of a far larger and insidious problem. A problem that I write about and rail about and constantly think about: How do we, as a society, persuade people to think more critically? I have some ideas. Here’s a snippet from a recently published essay of mine titled Homo Ignoramus: “A remedy, I think, is to make ignorance a virtue. To make the phrase, “I don’t know enough to offer an informed opinion” both ubiquitous and acceptable. To elevate ignorance to the status of feature rather than bug of the human operating system. But how?”

    Whoosh! Please pardon the ramble through the bramble, but you started me thinking, and that’s sometimes a dangerous thing to do!

    I will happily send along a copy of the referenced essay if you’re interested. Only 821 words, so not too time consuming, but it is, I hope thought provoking, as are yours. Thanks, as always for including me.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. AV,

    Had a dear friend who ran afoul of a “homoepathic” supplement that was supposed to help her sleep. It began a very long decline that was later tied to the supplement as the starting point. Very sad and destroyed her health. I’ll get my sleep aid from roast turkey, thanks. And the huge “homeopath” industry tees off on those who are trying their best to live a healthy lifestyle. Virtually unregulated. Now the FDA is rife with its own issues, collusion and strange bedfellows, but at least someone is looking.

    The Pill is particularly insidious because like the supplements they are taken to supposedly help a healthy person, and the Pill is a powerful disrupter of normal physiological functions through synthetic hormones. The synthetic variety are much amplified over their naturally produced counterparts, and therefore carry the potential for much more lethal side effects. It’s not good to fool mother nature.When a medication’s safety is then obfuscated by its interconnection with social and cultural interests, the fuzziness is hard to refocus.

    I also believe with you that we have no idea of what goes on sub rosa in so many areas of our culture and especially politics mixed with money. When I learn of some of the machinations in just our little Statehouse in RI, the bounces, curves and deceptions are breathtaking. I don’t know what I don’t know, so I try to write a little about things I have learned.

    Love to read your essay. Email it over. Thanks for chipping into the conversation.

    As always, j


  4. Greg Parquette

    I hope very much that President Trump decides to go after our funding of Planned Parenthood, it needs to be reigned in minimally and restructured to address the real issues ultimately. There is a place in the world for an agency that can provide guidance, both physically and spiritually, not a quick supposed fix. Speaking from life’s experiences I can tell you personally if you have any soul, the “quick fix” will haunt you forever.
    Planned Parenthood, as structured, needs to be dismantled and rebuilt with a soul intact.

    Liked by 1 person

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